By Claire West

The Highways Agency is advising drivers to take extra care this morning because of the risk of ice forming on road surfaces.

Drivers are advised to pay particular care at locations where local conditions such as road gradients, bends or overhanging trees mean that there may be an increased risk of ice. There is still a need to drive with care, even after road surfaces have been treated with salt and are clear of snow.

Gatwick Airport reopened this morning but a statement on their website says;

“Our advice to passengers remains - do not travel to the airport without first checking with your airline to make sure that your flight is departing today.
Passengers should expect delays and cancellations and it is likely to take a few days before flight schedules return to normal. Train services to and from the airport continue to be limited and road networks are likely to remain severely affected by the weather.”

According to the latest reports from the Met Office; “A few snow showers continue along the coast of East Anglia, also in west Cornwall and west Wales. More persistent snow is now spreading into Northern Ireland and western Scotland, but there are no significant new accumulations yet.”
Many train service continue to be disrupted and Eurostar will be operating a significantly reduced timetable until Sunday 5 December, with a number of cancellations. In addition, Eurostar services will be subject to delays of up to 90 minutes.