By Daniel Hunter

The UK’s 1.6 million smallest businesses are this month united in defence of their way of working, calling on the Government to put a stop to any further demonisation of their sector.

Freelancers, contractors, consultants and interims are calling instead for recognition as valid businesses that contribute to UK growth, as received by their contemporaries in big business.

The move from PCG, the organisation representing the UK’s fast growing professional freelance community, adds to their public defence of freelance working by launching a four week advertising campaign in the National Press.

The co-ordinated response comes after the Ed Lester case questioned the legitimacy of limited companies launching “hysteria” against the sector. Initially with eight National newspapers, the campaign is calling for the freelance sector to be respected as one of the key drivers of economic recovery.

“Government is right to look closely at how public servants are being remunerated; we don’t dispute this at all. And as we have said before, where there is evidence of disguised employment or tax evasion it should be stopped and fully investigated by HMRC,” John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG said.

“But distrust created by the Ed Lester case has impacted on the hundreds of genuine freelance interim and contractor businesses who are working to benefit companies and organisations in both the public and private sectors. These are talent driven businesses often providing specialist expertise not available in house. Used correctly these companies can not only save government and private businesses money, but help them solve short-term crisis with their input.

“It’s not right that these businesses potentially face unwarranted attacks or loss of contracts. Quite simply we had to speak up using the tools available to us to redress the balance and ensure the hysteria does not cause those in power to make a snap judgement in error that could damage growth for generations to come. The smallest businesses must be backed not bullied!

“Our message is… To think big about UK growth, think small.”

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