By Daniel Hunter

Petrol prices in the UK have reached a new high, according to data from Experian Catalist.

The fuel industry experts reveal that unleaded petrol is now 140.2p per litre, due to higher oil prices following concerns in Iran.

With crude oil prices up 12% since January there was criticism concerning the Chancellor's decision to add 3p per litre fuel duty as of August 1st.

The RAC said petrol prices had hit "another painful barrier".

"A figure of £1.40 a litre is a massive price for people to have to pay and there is no end in sight to rising prices," said RAC technical director David Bizley.

"The way things are going the planned duty rise will see average petrol prices hit the £1.50-a-litre mark - forcing more and more people who need their cars off the road."

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