By Max Clarke

The independent review into intellectual property (IP) and growth today issued a call for evidence on how the IP system can best support growth.

Professor Ian Hargreaves, who is leading the review, today published a document setting out in detail the questions the review will consider and seek evidence on.

The review was launched by Prime Minister David Cameron in November.

Professor Hargreaves said:

“We must ensure the UK has an IP system that drives innovation and growth. This review will identify the barriers to growth and, where they exist, work out how to remove them. The review will set out short-term improvements that could be made as well as a long-term vision for the IP system.

“It is essential our conclusions are based on as broad an evidence-base as possible. I would urge all interested parties to submit their views and help shape the recommendations of this report.

“I am particularly interested in the impact of the IP system on small and medium sized businesses given their importance to the UK economy.”

The call for evidence document contains a series of questions the review will consider but it also identifies two areas for particular consideration in assessing the economic impact of the IP system. They are:

* Supporting new business models - As technology and society changes so do ways of doing business. Does the IP system help or hinder businesses as they seek to adapt to the digital age?

* Breaking down barriers - New entrants often find it difficult to break into established markets, which can inhibit growth. Does IP form part of the barrier to new entrants? What barriers prevent the effective exploitation of IP rights in creating growth?

The review team are seeking responses with economic data and related evidence as well as case studies.

The evidence should focus on the economic effects of alternative IP systems and the contribution they could make to growth in the UK.

Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Wilcox said:

“The UK needs a private-sector led recovery — government cannot create economic growth. This government is committed to creating the right conditions for business to grow.

“For industries from music and film to high-tech sectors, their intellectual property will be their most valuable assets.

“It is essential to our economic success that we have an IP system that drives innovation.

“This independent review will help us ensure the IP system that supports economic growth.”