By Daniel Hunter

RadiumOne today (Monday) reveals that the UK is the first country to share more on mobile platforms than on desktops. Peak sharing on mobile devices in the UK rose above 50 per cent for the first time in May 2013, according to analysis of RadiumOne’s first-party data.

By August, consumer sharing in the UK was dominated by mobile devices with average desktop sharing accounting for just under a third of all sharing (32 per cent).

As recently as November 2012, mobile sharing only peaked at 28 per cent of all UK sharing despite the growth in popularity of smartphones.

Elsewhere in Europe, mobile is steadily increasing in popularity as a sharing platform but desktop still accounts for 65 per cent of all sharing. Meanwhile in France, peak mobile sharing started to overtake the desktop at the weekends in July 2013 (peaking at 61 per cent of shares) before becoming the dominant sharing platform in August (53 per cent average).

The USA is behind with peak mobile sharing only edging past desktop (51 per cent) just one day a week, while desktops remain the preferred sharing platform during the working week. However, in Canada, mobile sharing peaks started to spike above desktops at the weekend in August at 55 per cent. If the pattern seen in France and the UK is maintained, RadiumOne predicts that mobile will be the preferred sharing platform in North America by 2014.

“Despite what feels like years of analysts and businesses telling us that the mobile reigns supreme as the social and internet platform of choice, our data shows that it’s only in the last few months that real-life consumer behaviour has caught up with these expectations in major western markets," Rupert Staines, MD UK & Europe at RadiumOne, commented.

"Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still using desktops and laptops for the majority of their sharing. While these figures are interesting of themselves in showing changing consumer behaviours, the impact for brands and marketers is potentially massive. Mobile is now a well-established platform, but many brands are not using mobile to its full potential.

"Audiences are demonstrating their interests and purchasing intent on mobile. It’s vital for companies to invest in their mobile content and start tracking mobile sharing behaviours to discover actionable customer insights, including the products, content and topics that interest them most, in order to deliver more relevant, real-time targeted communications.”

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