By Jonathan Davies

The growth of UK manufacturing output is slowing down, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS figures show that UK manufacturing output rose by 0.1% in August, down from 0.3% in July. But there is still strong growth compared with last year. The ONS said output is up 3.9%.

Car manufacturers undertaking seasonal maintenance for longer than usual was one of the main reasons for the slow down, the ONS said.

The UK is still on track to grow faster than any other developed nation this year, but various figures are contributing to the overall feeling that manufacturing growth is slowing down. Last week, a closely watched survey indicated that manufacturing output growth had slowed to its lowest level in 17 months in September.

In relation to its pre-crisis peak, manufacturing is still 4.4% behind. The services sector, however, has already surpassed it.

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