By Marcus Leach

The South East has retained its position as the UK’s biggest exporting region, according to new international trade statistics.

In a period when all regions saw a rise in the value of goods exported, figures from HM Revenue & Customs show that South East businesses exported goods worth £43,371 million in the year ending June 2011, more than any other region, and an increase year on year of over 7 per cent.

The total value of UK exports over the 12 months was £280,343 million, an increase of £36,540m (15.0 per cent) compared to the 12 months ending June 2010.

“For the South East to maintain its pre-eminence as an exporting region, none of us can afford to be complacent. We need to keep encouraging more businesses to export or, if they already trade internationally, to alert them to the wide-ranging opportunities in new, high-growth markets," Rory Pereira, Deputy International Trade Director for UK Trade & Investment in the South East, said.

“Successful exporting depends on a number of inter-related factors, but in-depth research and strategic planning are fundamental to doing effective business overseas. Informed advice and support from bodies like UK Trade & Investment can play a vital role in the practical aspects of identifying and entering new markets.”

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