By Daniel Hunter

UK businesses are lagging severely behind their European counterparts on adequate connectivity in the workplace, with a staggering 78% of British workers experiencing connection problems in the office and 56% becoming frustrated when they can’t connect, a study from ZyXEL has revealed.

Research from ZyXEL of 2,500 European desk-based office workers, revealed Britain isn’t just settling for poor connectivity; it’s also affecting work quality and satisfaction. Although the situation is not perfect elsewhere, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands are having an easier ride when it comes to Wi-Fi at work.

The research found that almost two thirds of office workers in the UK (65%) admit to having no wireless internet at work, in comparison to employees in the Netherlands where only a third have to work without Wi-Fi.

For businesses, providing wireless means that employees can work on their own devices or away from their desks as needed. Offering flexibility in how they work is key in increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. ZyXEL’s research found that poor connectivity in the workplace has caused over a third of British office employees to feel less productive.

With almost a quarter of these UK office workers (24%) missing deadlines because of bad connectivity, some British workers have passed the buck to the Government claiming it does not invest adequately in infrastructure and their company suffers as a result.

Lee Marsden, EU President, ZyXEL said: “As we approach 2015 it’s astounding that so many office workers are without Wi-Fi in their office. With no proper solutions, workers are bearing the brunt of such poor connectivity by failing to meet deadlines and missing targets. The growth in high-speed connectivity across Europe, increasing adoption of cloud services and the shift towards mobile working, is highlighting a very clear opportunity for business to sit up and realise how they can both increase productivity and improve customer service.”

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