By Daniel Hunter

Ever wondered whether recycling your empty printer cartridge was worth it? Well, thinking twice before throwing them away has seen UK consumers save over £11 million in the last year alone.

The latest picture of Britain’s recycling has not only revealed how important people think recycling is, but also how much it saves both the environment and our pockets.

The study of 1,500 employees across the UK, commissioned by the UK’s leading printer cartridge specialist, Cartridge World, discovered that 79 per cent of UK employees thought recycling was important in their workplace, but 40 per cent believed more could be done to benefit the environment.

They were right - the results reflected that despite Cartridge World saving over 1.2 million cartridges from going into landfill last year, most cartridges are still being thrown away, with only around 30 per cent currently being recycled by companies like Cartridge World.

The current number of non-biodegradable cartridges being land filled still stands at 45 million annually, with some of the plastics taking up to 1,000 years to decompose.

The millions of discarded cartridges would almost fill Big Ben or stretch the length of Hadrian’s Wall 15 times — all 73 miles of it.

The study also showed that awareness of recycling in workplaces needs to be heightened, as 57 per cent of employees were unsure about whether their workplace had a recycling policy in place.

Recycling cartridges does not just benefit the environment. Company figures from July 2011 to June 2012 revealed that over £11 million was saved just by recycling printer cartridges with Cartridge World.

Businesses saved the most by thinking green and recycling, with Cartridge World saving them almost £6 million on printer cartridges, while retail customers saved over £5 million by visiting their local store and choosing a Cartridge World cartridge.

Speaking about the results, John Richardson, UK Chairman for Cartridge World, said: “It’s clear to see how much of an impact recycling is having on businesses, when almost £6 million is being saved in one year just by recycling printer cartridges.

“The new figures are interesting as we have been able to show the importance of recycling and how it can effect companies’ bottom lines.

“But there is always more that can be done to raise awareness of recycling — we just hope people embrace our green way of thinking to help benefit the environment and save themselves money at the same time.”

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