By Max Clarke

The Prime Minister and Trade & Investment Minister Lord Green are today on a visit to the Gulf in order to promote both UK industry, and the Gulf region as an environment for business and investment.

“The Government is absolutely committed to deepening our trade and investment links with the fastest growing economies of the world, including the Gulf." Said Prime Minister David Cameron. "We want to step-up our co-operation across the board, in trade and investment as well as culture, education and sport.

Mr. Cameron continued: “This week’s visit is about taking our relationship with the Middle East to the next level and building a modern and dynamic relationship for the future.”

With strong economies and ambitious development and diversification plans to match, UK firms say the Gulf states are providing their companies with new business partnership opportunities.

Over the past decades, the Gulf States have diversified their economies away from traditional oil and gas sectors, opening up opportunities for business across a range of sectors from infrastructure and low carbon technologies to education, healthcare and finance.

Trade & Investment Minister Lord Green, speaking from the Gulf, said:

“I’m delighted to be visiting the Gulf with an impressive delegation representing the UK’s top businesses and universities. The delegates showcase the wide range of business opportunities on offer for UK firms in the region.

“These and other British firms are supporting the creation of some of the world’s most modern infrastructure in the Gulf. They are helping to develop knowledge-driven and greener economies as well as providing education, healthcare and new technologies to the region’s young and fast-growing populations.”

A delegate to the region from WS Atkins, a leading UK technology consultancy, said:

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be working in the GCC region. The level of investment in major infrastructure projects is providing unrivalled opportunities for us to solve the technical challenges faced by our clients.

Thousands of firms are already doing business across the Gulf. UK Trade & Investment has identified key opportunities in infrastructure, particularly ports, airports and railways, as well as social infrastructure, including healthcare and education, and the energy sector.