By Maximilian Clarke

During these challenging economic times, Works with Water Nutraceuticals — the natural food supplement brand from Lancashire — is bucking the trend by signing a distribution agreement with the Consumer Goods Division of DKSH Asia for its best-selling anti-blemish product help: clear skin.

This agreement was originally planned for early 2012, but due to soaring demand from Chinese consumers for the help: clear skin product — mainly generated by coverage on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter - this has now been brought forward to December 2011.

Jules Birch, Founder and MD of Works with Water Nutraceuticals explains: “Following positive coverage on, we’ve had an influx of Chinese online orders that surpassed any of our expectations. It demonstrates that Chinese consumers are really interested in trying innovative skin products from Europe and are avid online shoppers. These two things combined has meant that our plans to launch in Hong Kong have been brought forward by several months.”

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services Group with a focus on Asia and has operations in 35 countries. Its support for the ‘help: clear skin’ product will help the Works with Water Nutraceuticals’ brand enter one of the largest emerging markets in the world, China. Initially, DKSH will launch help: clear skin in 20 Hong Kong based stores of Sasa, a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia, as well as online and through drug stores. Following successful trial, the product will be rolled out across Sasa’s 200 other stores on mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau.

It is the long-standing relationship between Works with Water Nutraceuticals’ founder, Jules Birch, and DKSH that has made this exciting distribution partnership possible.

“Having worked closely with DKSH from the inception of the business - especially during the product development stages — the DKSH team understand the brand’s aims, strengths and potential. This belief in the brand and support for our business is very special and I’m delighted it has now resulted in a mutually beneficial distribution agreement for the Asian markets”, says Jules. “In the current economic climate, we have to look outside the UK and even outside Europe to expand our business and this partnership is the first step in growing the brand internationally.”

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