Edinburgh Castle

Uber launches in Edinburgh today (Friday) after reporting "huge demand" for the service in the city.

Ahead of its 4pm launch, the controversial taxi-booking service said it has already received more than 65,000 people opening the app.

Uber launched in Glasgow last month in its first move into Scotland. Earlier in the year, Edinburgh City Council granted Uber a license to run a booking office from George Street, which is a legal requirement for licensed taxis and private hire firms.

Uber has faced widespread criticism since its rise to fame in recent years. Traditional taxi drivers across Europe have staged protests over a lack of regulation and licensing for Uber cars and drivers. And some drivers have been accused of sexual assaults. Uber has also been banned in several cities around the world.

Max Lines, Uber's general manager for UK expansion, said: "We have been blown away with the reception we received in Glasgow, so are really excited to be launching in Edinburgh today.

"Thousands of Scots have embraced Uber over the last few weeks and we hope to continue this success in the Scottish capital.

"In the last six months alone over 65,000 people in Edinburgh have opened the app, so we know there is a huge demand for the service in the city.

"At the push of a button, people will be able to get a ride which is convenient, safe and affordable."