By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and owner of Energy PR

Earlier in the month I spoke at Fresh Business Thinking LIVE! on how to get the most out of twitter. The talk was packed and while I’d like to think it was my amazing delivery style that attracted the crowds, the reality is many people are still struggling to get to grips with what twitter has to offer.

One of the crucial pieces of advice I shared was that twitter simply shouldn’t be left to languish in isolation; it should be wrapped into the rest of your communications activity. To show you what I mean, here are 20 quick ideas for integrating twitter into your wider marketing mix...


• Promote your blog on twitter

• When looking for blog content, ask on twitter for opinions/ preferred topics

• If you are referring to people in your blog, use their twitter name when you do. Tell them you are name checking them in your blog and they’ll be super keen to share your blog on twitter


• If you’re creating a guide, ask people on twitter for their top tips

• When the guide’s ready, promote it on twitter, share some of the content as tips on twitter


• Use twitter to identify areas that need researching

• Use twitter to drive people to your online survey


• You’re running a seminar or conference. Use twitter to ask for topics you should be covering or challenges people need help addressing

• When the seminar/conference is ready, promote it on twitter and give it a hash tag

• During the event, use twitter to identify topics for Q&A sessions


• If you’re exhibiting at a show, use the show’s hash tag to promote your presence

• You’re attending a conference or show, ask via twitter who else is attending and arrange to meet

Product/Service Development

• You’re redesigning a product or service. Ask people for their views – what could be improved, what do they need, what do they love that you currently do?

Sales Channels

• You have a catalogue. Get people to tweet a photo of themselves with the catalogue to get a prize

• To push sales through your ecommerce site, have a special code available to twitter followers which unlocks a discount

Other Media

• If you have a LinkedIn group, promote it on twitter

• If you want to increase your profile in the media, engage with your key journalists on twitter

• When you secure media coverage, tweet about it

• You’re running a blogger event and want to find new bloggers to invite, tweet about it

• Share your facebook initiatives selectively on twitter

If you’re still struggling with twitter’s possibilities or want more advice and inspiration, I’ve a free download to share. Download your free copy of Twitter Me Famous

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