By Luis Suarez, Social Computing Evangelist, IBM

Over the last few days I have been having an ongoing love / hate relationship with Twitter, inclining itself a little bit more to the hate side of things this time around. Unfortunately.

With the new interface (see: Twitter Launches Major Redesign), the overall user experience has deteriorated quite a bit over the last few months. There is a clunky (not working) search engine (read more: Biz Stone: Twitter is the world's fastest growing search engine), and dozens of tweets are missing from the main timeline, as well as a bunch of replies and mentions not showing up at all. Private direct messages have been shared in public (which surely opens up the door to some embarrassment), not to mention the last known issue of Twitter Lists failing to work properly for a good number of days and still not being fixed. And the list goes on and on and on.

Can you imagine your business having an enterprise microblogging platform, whether internal or external, behaving in such way for days, if not months? What would your customers think? How would your employees react to not being able to do their job properly? How much longer can Twitter provide such poor quality (customer) service?
But every so often, something magic happens through Twitter, not because of the application itself, but because of the interactions AND conversations people engage in while sharing their knowledge with their networks.

Certainly, it’s thanks to those wonderful and precious little moments that one sticks with Twitter.

The always-inspiring Nancy White shared this tweet (see: Nancy White Twitter Status pointing to a recent video clip (view: Nancy White & Suzy - An Intro to Twitter where she is featured talking to Suzy, quite a special character! Nancy and Suzy spend a little over eight minutes talking about Twitter and why tweeting makes sense (read more: What Suzie and I Learned (or what a puppet can teach you!).

This video learning session on Twitter is probably one of the most delightful, “over the shoulder” mutual learning interviews that you are ever going to bump into. It’s an absolute delight, a true magical moment to watch, rejoice in and experience fully.

From now on, every time someone asks me about any education or learning resources available about Twitter, I’m going to point them to this fantastic and stunning experience.

Please dear Twitter, go and fix your issues very soon, so that we can all get to enjoy many more magical moments like this one!

Yours sincerely,

One of your many Twitter addicts!

This article originally appeared on Luis’ blog, Elsua.net.
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Watch the video below featuring Jemima Gibbons of AAB Engage discussing how social media can positively impact your business