Owners of small and medium businesses all over the world have a big problem. They are constantly faced with growing competition from larger, better resourced competitors. Yes, small business owners have the benefit of personal relationships with their customers, but when it comes to growing their business, they are at a disadvantage to bigger firms for whom great design and marketing is a lot more cost effective. What often happens is that the business owner gets a friend or relative to design their advertising or marketing. This often ends in a really poor representation of the business and service.

That’s the problem that serial entrepreneur [bJerry Kennelly[/b] was attempting to solve when he founded Tweak.com in 2011. Kennelly had previously set up the first royalty free stock photography in Europe in 1996. His company, Stockbyte became hugely successful and in ten years he and his team shot almost 90,000 images which became some of the most popular stock photography images in the world. Getty Images bought his company for $135million in 2006.

Jerry explains how he and his team of creatives have solved this big problem for small business. “What Tweak.com is about is bringing together the craft of design, photography, typography and copywriting and making it really easy for business owners to decide how their business should look in print. Our team of researchers and copywriters understand the needs of over 350 different types of businesses, from hairdressers to florists to day spas. We’ve made it so easy that all you’ve got to do is select the look that you want and in minutes you’ll have created a newspaper ad, a newsletter or brochure which you can be customized with your choice of words, pictures and colours”.

‘Democratising design’ is what Jerry calls it. Tweak.com users can choose to have Tweak print their material or can download it and print it at their local print shop.


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