By Marcus Leach

The tube strikes that were set to cause chaos in London, as well as damage the economy, have been called off after sacked driver Arwyn Thomas was reinstated.

Following Sunday's strike members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union were ready to begin a series of strikes that would have caused chaos in London, especially with Wimbledon entering its second week.

However, late last night (Thursday) Mr Thomas was reinstated by London Underground, prompting all proposed strikes to be cancelled, after he won his employment tribunal claim of unfair dismissal.

"I am delighted the RMT have called off the strike," said Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

"There was never any justification or need to wield industrial muscle to pre-empt a proper disciplinary procedure.

"Arwyn Thomas was not victimised for being a member of the union and the employment tribunal agreed with that. The tribunal also agreed that his behaviour had been abusive, which is unacceptable."

The first strike was set for this coming Monday, with another scheduled for Wednesday and then finally one on July 1st.

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