By Claire West

If the London Chamber of Commerce is anywhere near correct with the estimate that the current tube strike will cost the economy £48 Million every day that the tubes are disrupted then the RMT workers need to take a reality check.

According to John Cridland of the CBI “just 33% of balloted members supported the strike, only 17% of the total London Underground workforce.”

Although Transport for London are currently running nearly 40 per cent of trains across the network and all but one Tube line is running services there is commuter chaos across the Capital.

The disruption to businesses already rocked by the worst recession in living memory is inexcusable and this has been brought on by 17% of the London Underground workforce.

This strike is about 800 or so proposed job cuts and overtime restrictions, in the main as a result of technology such as the Oyster card. The RMT’s Bob Crow, however, is playing the ‘safety’ card and saying that London Underground are; ‘cutting corners on safety in a dash to slash costs’.

Of course workers have a right to withdraw their labour and legitimate industrial action is something that members of the public can understand if not always agree with. However when the industrial action flies in the face of common sense then sympathy is scarce.

Does Mr Crow understand that his workers rely on businesses to generate passengers?