By Claire West

London is bracing itself for a third 24 hour tube strike as the RMT and London Underground refuse to agree.

Staff will start to walk out tonight at 7:00 pm and commuters should expect severe disruption.

The dispute is based upon 800 job cuts that London Underground say is as a result of passengers embracing the Oyster Card and therefore no need for as many ticket offices.

Bob Crow, leader of the RMT disagrees and states that the 800 job losses will threaten passenger safety.

Boris Johnson, London Mayor has said. "We are determined to keep the Capital moving by providing a plethora of alternatives so that people can get around."

Volunteers will once again be positioned at Tube, bus, and rail stations to assist Londoners with their journeys and provide maps and other useful information.

There is a further strike planned for November 29.

Commenting on the strike John Cridland, CBI Deputy Director-General, said:

“It is disappointing that the RMT and TSSA have decided to strike again, which will once more disrupt London. The general public and employers will, for the third time in recent months, suffer the knock-on disruption and misery of a major tube strike.

“Unfortunately, the current law often allows strikes to be decided by only a small number of the workforce. In this case, just 33% of balloted members supported the strike, only 17% of the total London Underground workforce.

“This is a big disruption caused by a small union minority — and that shouldn’t happen.
“The CBI is calling for a number of changes to legislation. Strikes should only go ahead if 40% of those balloted, as well as a simple majority of those voting, support the action.”