By Max Clarke

The RMT rail union’s London Underground strike has passed without causing the extensive disruption that had been anticipated.

Transport for London report ‘minor delays’ on the Waterloo and City line, with normal service across the rest of the network.

Commuters had been earned to expect heavy delays on Monday morning in the wake of industrial action. Initially to be a 24 hour walk out, the strike was renegotiated to last from 21:00 on the Sunday until 03:00 this morning.

The strike had been called in solidarity with tube driver Arwyn Thomas whom the RMT union claim was sacked for his union activities.

An employment tribunal has been called to evaluate the veracity of RMT’s claims. If the tribunal finds Thomas had been unfairly dismissed TfL have said that they will reinstate him- a decision that undermined the validity of the industrial action.

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