Claire West

London businesses hard hit by the raft of recent bank holidays can breathe a sigh of relief that tube drivers strike action - due to commence next week - has been suspended.

Tube Union RMT announced yesterday that following an agreement with London Underground to re-employ unfairly sacked driver Eamonn Lynch, and an agreement to hold further discussion aimed at resolving the unfair dismissal of sacked driver Arwyn Thomas in advance of his Employment Tribunal that the planned industrial action would be called off.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:
“This dispute has only ever been about securing justice for our members who have been unfairly dismissed. As a result of this agreement Eamonn Lynch can return to work with his continuity of employment and standard of living protected.

“We now also have an agreement to enter into further discussions with relation to Arwyn Thomas aimed at resolving his unfair dismissal case in advance of his Employment Tribunal. As a result we have agreed to suspend the action to allow those further discussions to take place over the next week.

“I want to pay tribute to the loyalty and determination of our members on London Underground who have continued to stand shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues Eamonn and Arwyn. Their strength and courage has been a shining example to the entire trade union movement.”