By Maximilian Clarke

Transport unions and passenger groups will march today (Tuesday) before lobbying government as part of their campaign to halt recommendations outlined in the McNulty review.

Commissioned by the previous government, the McNulty Review aims to shave 20-30% from rail ticket prices in order to bring the UK more in line with the continent, without increasing the taxpayer-funded subsidy. In his report, Sir McNulty identified a number of factors that have led to inflated prices, before recommending decentralisation; a review of safety standards; less centralisation and a devolved decision-making process.

But unions, spearheaded by the Rail, Maritime and Transport workers’ union (RMT) and its notoriously hard-lined leader, Bob Crow, object to the recommendations, interpreting them as an assault on the UK’s rail infrastructure driven by political dogma at the expense of commuters.

“McNulty represents the biggest threat to our railways since privatization,” said Crow. “Staff and passengers have a common interest in resisting an attack that would wipe out safety-critical jobs, de-staff trains and stations and jack up fares in the name of private profit. We all have a stake in stopping this carve-up dead in its tracks.”

A summary of McNulty’s report, published in May of this year, can be
viewed online

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