By Daniel Hunter

The United Kingdom has been losing trade and wealth to other European countries for several years, due to the lack of runway capacity in the South East of England and supports the “one hub or none” concept proposed by BAA and supported by a number of UK airlines.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Travel & Tourism is worth over $100 billion to the UK economy and helps sustain 2.3 million jobs. However, growth in UK Travel & Tourism is being seriously inhibited by the lack of airport capacity in the South East.

WTTC wholeheartedly supports the concept of a single hub for London properly connected to the wider transport network. Previous experience in London and almost all international examples demonstrate that operating twin airports hubs is a policy destined to fail.

“The UK Government welcomes tourists with one hand while holding up a “keep out” sign with another," David Scowsill, WTTC President & CEO, said.

"UK visa policies are overly bureaucratic and cumbersome; UK Air Passenger Duty is the highest of any country in the world; yet it is the incessant delay in providing new airport capacity which is by far the biggest problem facing Travel & Tourism in the UK.

"The Davies Commission will take too long to review the position. The private sector stakeholders of the Travel & Tourism Industry stand ready to be the earnest partner in delivering on solutions. The UK Government should grasp the nettle and make a decision that will bring jobs and economic growth at a crucial time for the UK economy.”

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