By Jonathan Davies

The Grand Depart of the Tour de France boosted the UK economy by £128m, with £102m of that going to Yorkshire.

The "Three Inspirational Days" report says that nearly five million people took to the streets of Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and London for the Grand Depart.

"We are absolutely delighted the event brought so much money to the county to help businesses big and small," said Gary Verity from Welcome to Yorkshire who brought the Grand Depart to the area.

"There are also benefits which are impossible to measure - the profile of Yorkshire around the world has never been higher and this will have a lasting impact for years to come."

"The Tour in London was the most fantastic spectacle of sport, which delighted and entertained crowds across the capital," said Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

"The economic benefit of hosting such prestigious sporting events is clear, with images of our brilliant city beamed around the world."

At the time, the crowds seen on television screens brought estimates of 2-3 million people and an 'optimistic' £100m economic boost.

But the report suggested that the economic benefit could reach £150m over the next few years as Yorkshire benefits from increased tourism and business opportunities.

Liz Nicholl, the chief executive of the elite-funding agency UK Sport, said: "The Tour showcased the UK's event-hosting capabilities and passionate fans at their best.

"Through National Lottery funding, the nation will continue to benefit from the many impacts of hosting major sporting events on home soil."

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