By Marcus Leach

Apple and the iPad2 are ready for the latest competitor in the tablet field as Toshiba announced their latest release, Thrive.

The entry level tablet from the Japanese electronics firm will be priced below the iPad2 as they look to take a share of the ever-popular tablet market.

Priced at $429 (£262) the Thrive comes with wi-fi ability, with the target audience being those who use tablets at home, and will be available in the US as of July 10th.

With Apple's original iPad being such a success many electronics and computing companies saw the possibility to take a share of the market, sparking a range of tablets being released over the past 12 months.

While none of the companies have been able to make a significant dent in Apple's market share, Toshiba said demand for other products was increasing gradually.

"There is a market out there of folks who want to buy non-Apple products," said Jeff Barney of Toshiba America.