By Phil Lamb, National Sales Director at Zenith Home

Adopting an eco-friendly attitude is not just beneficial for your own energy bills and bank balance, it also helps to decrease your carbon footprint in the workplace. With highly influential celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio recently speaking out about how we need to change our approach to become more sustainable, it is not a surprise that it is now top of our agenda in all aspects of our lives.

Here are some simple tips to reduce your office’s carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same.

Give your computer a rest

Enable the hibernation and sleep modes on your computer so that when you step away from your desk throughout the day your computer does not waste unnecessary energy. Invest in an Ecobutton to help you do this as it saves power when you leave your computer or laptop unattended.

Think before you print

Printing endless copies of documents is not only costly but it wastes a lot of energy too. Conservatree, an environmentally-friendly print company, estimate that a ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. Think of the impact you can have as a company and make sure you think before you hit print.

Killer kettle

Tea and coffee rounds are a favourable time of the day in a busy office, especially as the winter draws in, but the kettle is one of the most energy-wasting appliances in the workplace. In an office where caffeine is high in demand, the careless use of the kettle can become greatly unsustainable so make sure you only fill up for how many cups you need.

Control the heat

The highest consumption of energy in an office is from the heating. Whilst the temperature outside may be dropping, it is important to ensure the office is not too hot. Make sure the thermostat is used at all times to ensure a comfortable working environment whilst saving on the office budget.

Maintenance is key

Making sure that all office equipment is serviced and kept in working order is essential to energy efficiency. Ranging from computers to the fridge and printers to the microwave, if an appliance is correctly serviced and kept in good condition it makes it run more efficiently and results in a lower cost to run.

Locate the lights

Ensure that all lights in your office are installed with energy efficient bulbs and bear in mind the lights may not need to be on all day. Switch off lights in meeting rooms when not in sure and make the most of any natural sunlight in the mornings.

Recycling is easy

Switching your desk bins to recycling bins and ensuring that they are used correctly should be an easy task when so many of us now recycle at home. Take these good habits into the workplace and really make a difference to the environment.

Don’t standby, switch off

When you leave the office, don’t leave your computer on standby, it should always be switched off. Standby mode continues to use up to 70% of normal power consumption. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) estimates that £50-80 of a household’s total bill is due to leaving appliances on standby, so imagine how much an office is wasting.