By Max Clarke

Following Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne's announcement of plans to reform the energy industry, the Director General of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Tom Foulkes has made the following comments.

“This consultation and the proposal to set a price floor for carbon, are crucial and welcome steps towards creating more certainty for investors on the likely returns from investing in low carbon electricity generation. In the next decade we are set to lose more than 15 percent of our energy supply through the closure of gas, coal and nuclear stations. At the same time demand is set to rise and we have made binding commitments to lower our emissions through upscaling renewable sources. This won’t be achievable if Government doesn’t start setting down concrete plans on how we can secure the required investment.

“This momentum must now continue with a raft of other measures to help provide this much needed investor certainty — these include firming up the energy policy statements so industry has a clear idea of Government’s commitment and vision and reassurance that the new planning system will aid progress. If industry has any reason to doubt the Government’s long term commitment, we could be facing a very real energy gap within a decade.”