By Jonathan Davies

2014 is drawing to a close. You don't need us to tell you that. So we've taken a look at what YOU, the Fresh Business Thinking readers, have spent the year reading. Here are the 10 most read Fresh Business Thinking advice articles in 2014.

10. What does ROI Stand for?

My guess is a we had plenty of new business owners, or those thinking about starting a business, looking at this one. I certainly hope it's not experienced business owners!

9. Office Environment Key to Staff Motivation

It looks like keeping staff happy has been important to business owners and managers in 2014. The workers will be happy! This one from Claire West looks at how a positive office environment can boost staff motivation.

8. What's the Difference Between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance?

"Two insurance covers that can often cause confusion are Public Liability and Professional Indemnity" - It's been a couple of years since this was published, but the advice still rings true with our readers in 2014 it seems.

7. Deed or Contract?

"Many business people are confused as to why some contracts are expressed to be a Deed and why others are merely expressed as Agreements or Contracts. What is the difference?" It was a popular question this year!

6. What is Prospecting and Why do it?

An even more popular questions this year were 'What is prospecting?' and 'Why do it?' You'll have to have a read to find out.

5. How to be an Effective Team Leader

Into the top five is this timeless article advising readers on how to be an effective team leader. Have a read, you might just learn something!

4. The Real Impact Fraud has on Individuals, Businesses and Government

The real impact fraud has on individuals, businesses and government made it into the top four? I hope you weren't reading to prepare yourself for something...

3. 10 Top Tips For Effective Selling

Selling is something every business has to do. Whether it's to loyal customers or brand news business clients, selling is a necessity of business. And as the third most-read article in 2014, it looks like you're in need of a few pointers.

2. 10 Top Tips for Exhibition and Trade Show Stand Management

This is a meaty one! '10 Top Tips for Exhibition and Trade Show Stand Management' is the second most-read article in 2014. Were you looking for tips ahead of Fresh Business Thinking LIVE!, International Trade Expo, Digital Marketing Show or Britain means Business?

1. 10 Things Every Business Plan Should Contain

The single most-read business advice article in 2014 by some distance, it looks like more budding entrepreneurs have been looking for direction - it's their business plan this time.

The Fresh Business Thinking readers have read '10 Things Every Business Plan Should Contain' more than any other in 2014. Hopefully that means a flurry of new businesses being launched in 2015.

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