By Claire West

Westfield London has called on the expert programming and development services of Tomorrow People to develop a web portal that would showcase the iconic shopping centre in West London.

Westfield London is already an undisputed retail and tourist destination in London, having attracted 23 million people in its first year alone. Home to over 275 shops and over 50 restaurants, the commercial leasing opportunities are enormous — and Westfield commissioned Tomorrow People to create a bespoke online presentation that would showcase this architecturally stunning retail space to its potential clients.

Working in partnership with an agency that delivered design and video, Tomorrow People built the online portal, developed all of the programming, and created a content managed online presentation that could give Westfield’s potential clients a comprehensive, virtual experience of the development.

Bill Giouroukos, Director of Operations, Westfield, said: “In a hugely competitive market place it is essential to use innovative and visually impactful marketing material. The system, developed by Tomorrow People, allows us to create bespoke presentations which feature interactive video, specifically targeted to each client to demonstrate the opportunities which exist within our sales and commercialisation space.”

Highlighting opportunities for event space, digital screens and suspended media, the CMS build gives Westfield ultimate freedom to customise presentations specific to each client or sector. Each bespoke version is assigned a unique URL, login and password, and has been designed to accommodate individual graphics, statistics, and case study information specific to each target client. In effect, each company can see the retail space exactly as it would appear with their branding.

Deep linking is set up to drive clients to specific sections of the presentation, and the Westfield sales team have the option of providing the presentation on DVD and/ or making it viewable online. The build uses Flash, Action Script 3 and is fully XML database driven, and every page on the site has full Google Analytics tracking to monitor detailed visitor statistics.

As visitors journey through the web portal, full details of the commercialisation space are revealed, including interactive floor plans for the ground and first floor, video walkthroughs and interactive 360 panoramic videos. Each video walkthrough has a sub navigation menu, which allows user to see the whole view, or jump to a video pause point to view a number of masked areas highlighting the specific commercialisation opportunities available.

Users can click on each masked area for more details, and a second slide provides technical information, costs and contact details, with a thumbnail image that they can double click to maximise.

Adidas, Lego, Loreal, Jaguar, Marks & Spencer, Marriott and Sony PlayStation are amongst the distinguished list of brands that have already leased commercial space at Westfield London, and given the powerful online sales tools Tomorrow People has helped to create for Westfield London, this world-class shopping centre is sure to attract many more retail savvy clients.

Click http://ukbrandalliance.westfield.com/ to view the online portal.