Twitter is set to stop counting images and links towards it 140-character limit in its tweets, according to Bloomberg.

Links and images can take up as much as 23 characters each, significantly reducing the amount of text users can include in their tweets. But it looks like users will soon get the full 140 characters for every tweet.

The source quoted by the news outlet claims that the changes could be made as soon as the next two weeks.

Twitter has already increased its character limit on direct messages to 10,000. And earlier this year, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey spoke about looking for ways to allow users to write longer posts.

It is a big issue and debate among current users. Some are crying out for more characters to play with, while many argue that the limit is what makes Twitter unique. It appears that Twitter may have struck a balance if this discount of links and images is implemented.

What is evident, however, is that Twitter has to do something. It's share price has plummeted by around 70% over the past year as investors grow increasingly frustrated by the social network's slow user growth.