By Bob Dearsley, Chief Executive of itpr and The B2B Marketing Lab

Lots of B2B tech companies count on publicity to create awareness for their products, services or company. Whilst a press release or a new business announcement should be a part of your PR campaign, there are many other more sophisticated strategies you should also consider.

Three top tips to create a well-rounded B2B Tech PR campaign are:

1. Case studies are key – Whether you are launching into a new marketplace or simply boosting awareness of your company, it is absolutely essential that you can talk about a customer case study. You have to be able to prove the worth of your product/services and demonstrate its successes.

2. Share your knowledge – As an organisation, you must be prepared to share some of your knowledge and insight about the marketplace with your customers. Tell your audience some of the essential things that they need to think about. Don’t give them every little detail of how your organisation works, but share some insight into how it serves the industry. You need your prospects to trust you and look to you for market knowledge and guidance.

3. Your website is your number one asset – In the 21st century, it is a fact that your website meets your prospects before you do. Just remember, once a prospect has visited your website he or she will immediately assess it and, based on the impression it gives and insight it provides, will decide whether to bother to talk to you or not.

If you can perform all of these points successfully, you are giving your company every chance to rocket up to the next level.