By Do More Online

Keep it simple

Most small businesses do not need websites crammed with content across lots of pages. A clear homepage that sets out your stall and a page for each of your main services or products will be very effective. Be sure to include an “about us” page, giving contact details and a bit more background about the company, and a “projects” page highlighting some of your best work.

Show off your personality

When potential customers browse your website they are looking for a person they can trust to do a good job, so it is important that you present yourself and your skills clearly. People are also more likely to form a positive opinion – and remember you – if they have seen your face, so make sure there is a good-quality portrait for key employees.

Think mobile

Half of all internet activity is now via smartphones or tablets, but only 10% of small businesses ensure that their website delivers a quality experience when viewed this way. Fortunately, it is no longer complicated to design your website to work well on mobile devices, especially if you keep it simple. Website builders such as WordPress, for example, offer adaptive templates that work well across all platforms.