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With just over a week until the EU referendum takes place, we're in no doubt that many people are still undecided about which way to vote.

JournoLink, the online PR platform for small businesses, has launched a simple 90 second tool to help you work out which way to vote on the 23 June - whether to ‘Leave’, or to ‘Remain'.

Many people are utterly frustrated by both sides in the EU debate continually spinning and scaremongering, and are completely confused as to which way to vote. has four questions each under the categories of Immigration and Movement, Governance and Democracy, Defence and Crime, Trade and Investment, and Economy and Business, simply by ticking ‘disagree’ or ‘agree’ boxes, in less than two minutes anyone still on the fence will have a good indication where they stand.

JournoLink Director, Peter Ibbetson, said: "The most important issue at the moment is the Referendum, but it’s not just the small business owner who’s unsure of which way to vote. From the conversations we have had, it’s a fair proportion of the population too. That’s why we have put this simple decision tool together.

"We know we haven’t included every question that could be asked, but we have tried to be really unbiased and keep to those issues that have dominated the main debates so far. We hope it will help people vote based on what’s important to them, rather than being influenced by the politician that comes up with the best sound bite."

Take the quiz and see which way you should vote!