A third of the UK's workforce is planning to switch jobs within the next six months because their employer doesn't give them a clear career path, according to management solutions firm Saba and WorkplaceTrends.com.

The survey found that 60% of HR leaders believe the company provides a good and clear career path, but that doesn't seem to resonate with workers - just 36% agree.

As well as a third planning to leave their job in the next six months, 41% said they would move jobs if it meant better career options. Just under a third of those said they believe that their background skills and talents are not being recognised.

When the workforce was asked if they would be willing to share more context about themselves for better career advancement in their current companies, people agreed they would like to share more. About a third (31%) of employees polled would be happy to share their goals, background talents and what motivates them to ensure more accurate workforce placement; but the right questions are not often being asked.

Adrienne Whitten, VP of product marketing at Saba said: "HR leaders want to know what inspires and motivates the workforce, but they don’t seem to be asking them.

“The problem could be a lack of the right tools or experience for gathering the data, as HR ranks workforce analytics as the lowest in effectiveness across the talent processes."