By Francesca James

Nearly a third of UK employees (32 percent) are prepared to work during their Christmas break according to a survey conducted by DocuSign, the global leader in electronic signatures. The survey of 1,000 UK workers also revealed that tech savvy 25 - 39 year olds are the most likely to log-on to their work devices during the holiday season with 36 percent preparing to work during time off in December.

Tom Gonser, DocuSign founder and chief strategy officer, said; “We are increasingly working away from the office and the advancement in business technology is driving this trend. It is now easier than ever for a business to continue operating with the majority of employees working remotely. An increasing number of tools are available to help staff work away from the office and this means that office closure does not necessarily equate to business closure.”

The survey also revealed that 39 percent of employees in Greater Londoner and the West Midlands are more inclined to work during Christmas time off, the highest regional percentage in the UK. Whilst 30 percent of Brits will have no additional time off during December, over 44 percent will have at least three additional days away from the office.

Tom Gonser concluded; “While we all would like to take some time off work and be with loved ones this holiday season, it appears that more and more of us are prepared to work during the festive season. It is therefore up to business leaders to ensure that their employees are equipped with the tools and technologies that enable them to complete tasks remotely such as complete contracts, access business documents and conduct business conference calls.”