By Daniel Hunter

UK office workers often inflate their salary to impress friends or family, a new survey has found.

A poll by found that more than a third (34%) of those surveyed have lied about their salary to impress loved ones.

Thirteen per cent said they had significantly increased their salary, with some admitting to doubling it.

More than half (52%) said they weren't comfortable with discussing their salary with other people. The remaining 48% said they didn't mind as long as it was with someone they trusted.

The survey found that young employees were more like to lie about their salary compared with older workers.

An overwhelming majority of respondents (88%) said they felt most uncomfortable discussing it in front of colleagues, even those considered to be friends.

One cautious respondent explained: “I never tell anyone how much I earn, it’s a very personal thing and not something that everyone needs to know. A few of my close friends have asked me before and I don’t even tell them, I’ve just brushed it off because I’m not comfortable discussing it.”

Another said:: “There may have been a couple of occasions where I’ve increased my salary, but only to fit in with my friends. A lot of them are earning so much more than me so I’d find it a little embarrassing if I were completely honest. It’s not something that is spoken about a lot, so there’s no way they’d find out.”

Not everyone saw the issue however, with one office worker stating: “I don’t really see the big deal about not discussing salaries, at the end of the day if you enjoy your job then it shouldn’t matter how much you earn. Too many people treat it as a competition.”

A spokesperson for said: “It’s interesting to see how many people will go to the trouble of inflating their salary to impress someone else and appear successful. For many, it is a case of fitting in and not wanting to feel embarrassed because they don’t earn as much.”

“It is interesting that younger people appear most likely to lie when it comes to their wage. Often they are graduates who are just looking for any job so they find it hard to be honest if their salary isn’t as good as their friends.”

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