By Claire West

Pitney Bowes has launched the Connect+ Customer Communication Series — a revolutionary full-colour mailing system that prints high resolution colour onto envelopes in the same pass as it prints postage.

The result is a solution that helps businesses grow, transforming the otherwise unused white-space on envelopes into dynamic marketing and brand-building messaging.

Previously, mailing systems have enabled businesses to add black-and-white or one colour images to a corner of the envelope. Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series can print full-colour, 1200 dpi images across the entire width of the envelope, creating high-impact communications. Recent research has shown that the use of colour can increase the open rates of mail campaigns by as much as 247%.

Creativity and cost-saving
By adding full-colour creativity to everyday business communications, businesses can begin to promote offers and services and to drive revenue without the need for extra investment in separate marketing campaigns. Using the intuitive MyGraphics™ Designer tool, users can create and save messages, ads, coupons and more in minutes and can put tailored messages in full colour on every single piece of mail.

As a result, cost-savings can be found in advertising and promotional budgets, communications and email campaigns, and other business processes related to envelope purchases and design.

Intuitive touch-screen operation
The Connect+ Series is designed for ease of use and is the first mailing system to feature a full-colour touch-screen interface. Every function is easily accessible to the operator from the highly intuitive 10.2” colour screen. The screen-based keyboard makes data-entry and package tracking fast and simple. Commonly used jobs can be saved so there’s no need to set them up over and over again.

The screen serves as a web-connected portal to software and services to enable users to get more from the mail. A series of apps designed specifically for the Connect+ Series make light work of everyday tasks, from ordering ink to sending and tracking parcels.

Online help — including e-chat — can be accessed directly on screen, keeping production on track.

Powerful productivity
Operating at speeds of up to 310 letters per minute the Connect+ Series brings productivity and convenience to the mailroom. Weigh-on-the-Way® in-line weighing and Dimensions-on-the-Way® in-line measuring automatically size and weigh each mailpiece to ensure that the correct postage amount is added every time.

Phil Hutchison, Tactical Marketing Director, Pitney Bowes, comments: “The Connect+ Series is a truly innovative and revolutionary mailing system. The design features a number of ‘firsts’ such as the ability to produce full-colour 1200 dpi print across the width of the envelope and the large, full-colour touch-screen interface.

“These innovations mean that the Connect+ Series is not simply mailroom technology. Usability and creativity make the Connect+ Series an essential tool for everyone in the organisation who has contact with customers or prospects. Now, connections can be turned into new opportunities.”