By Nick James, Fresh Business Thinking

The Mail Online, the Internet arm of the UK’s Daily Mail has been declared the world’s most popular online newspaper by the tracking service Comscore and it’s all down to ‘content’.

Last December the Mail Online website reached 45.3m visitors per month and the majority of these came as a direct result of someone typing a query into a search engine.

Great content is at the core of a content strategy but obviously not all businesses have access to an army of writers – however this doesn’t mean that you should do nothing.

In addition to visitors that will come from search engines, ‘fresh’ original content encourages other people to ‘link’ to your site from blogs and social media feeds which will not only bring more visitors but also will add to your site’s ‘link juice’.

This in short means that search engines will treat you favourably as you have had an ‘online’ vote of confidence and your site will start to be seen as authoritative.
So how can you add new content to your site?

Three things that can be done immediately:

- Add details of Trade Shows and conferences in your industry sector to your website.

- Make sure you get press releases from your trade association and use them as the basis for news stories.

- Add a weekly tip to your site giving expert advice on an area you specialise in.

You’re not going to get 45 million people visiting your site but you will start to see results over time and of course you’ll make your website more interesting for visitors.

For five years, Fresh Business Thinking has been producing quality content for our own websites and for organisations such as; The Independent, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft and The IOD – both video and the written word. We’d like to talk to you about how we can help you create and amplify high quality website content. To find out more, call Luke on 0845 5000 328.

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