By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator Of PrPro And Owner Of Energy PR

One of the common things I’m asked is should I have a blog? My response is...‘it depends’.

Blogging is a great way to get across the personality of an organisation. It is therefore particularly useful if you are (or work for) an enthusiastic entrepreneur/MD who likes writing and is committed to PR. It also is a great tool if your business has a key area of specialism that attracts lots of custom, and a specialist in that area who likes to write… but remember:

- It’s a time commitment.

- To attract and keep an audience, it demands a regular flow of interesting opinions, comments and views and it must be personal, not corporate — a blog is no place for your press releases.

- People won’t subscribe if it’s seen as a selling to them.

- The blog must be easy to read, punchy, ideally topical and not too long or full of your business jargon.

- It’s very easy for a blog to become a personal rant or a vanity project!

- Integrate your blogging into your other PR activity — for instance, if you are doing a charity tie-up and the entire office is training for a marathon, the blog could carry your training diaries.

- It’s not enough to write a blog, and expect people to come; you need to drive traffic to it.

- Find blogs or Forums covering a similar topic and post comments. But DON’T spam. Your comments MUST be relevant, adding to the discussion, adding value. You are representing your business, not simply looking for an excuse to drop a link! If you do this responsibly your own blog will attract new visitors.

- Refer to your blog in your e-newsletter, again with a link.

- Put the address of your blog in your email signature, inviting those people you email to check it out.

- If you are writing a regular column/point of view for an online publication, run a “see more of what X thinks at...” and put your blog address at the end.

- Tell as many people you deal with on a daily basis as possible that you have a blog. Ask them to visit and have a read. These people are the people who will most be interested in what you say. They already know you as a trusted source and you share a connection through the same business sector and services.

Rather like pets, a blog is a commitment. It’s incredibly rewarding if you go into with your eyes open, but a waste of time if you don’t know how to look after it.

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