By Adrian Booth

Snipperdy doo dah .... I like the Windows snipping tool. This handy little virtual widget lets me snip away to my heart’s content, and I proudly snip anything and everything I feel like!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, chances are you don’t have Windows 7, although some Vista users may understand.

For me Window 7’s snipping tool is a great time saving gadget, and a must have business tool. It helps me gather bits and pieces of text, graphics and website information; not to mention maps and photographs.

On that train information site, you can snip the data, print it and shove in your pocket as you run out the door. There are lots of business applications for this
tool. I mainly use it for gathering materials I might need to draw on later.

In the past I used the Ctrl key plus the Prt Scr key to engage screen capture, but I haven’t used that function on my new laptop now I’ve discovered the snipping tool. I’m no graphic designer, but I often find myself working with them to combine words and graphics for brochures, leaflets, flyers and website for my clients. Being able to actively discuss a client’s colour, font and layout needs is more than handy.

The trusty snipping tool is great for seizing bits of copy that sit in PDFs too.

When you get your snipping tool, you’ll have all sorts of applications unique to your business for it too, like quickly grabbing pertinent spreadsheet trends for sudden sales meetings.

With a snipper you can:

Snip from any open window, in free-form, rectangular, or full screen styles.

• Save snips in PNG, GIF, JPEG or HTML formats

• Easily stick snips into emails

• Copy snips to your clipboard which sits beneath Word’s top left panel, or the destination of your choice like OneNote or your desktop.

• Include URLs with HTML web snips, helping you find the source instantly

• Mark-up your snip in the colour of your choice

If you have Windows 7 but haven’t found the snipping tool yet, try typing snipping tool into the search bar behind the MS button at the bottom left corner of the screen. This brings-up your snipping tool icon. Right click it to give you the option of sending it to your task bar, or pinning it to the menu screen. The choice is yours.

Adios for now and happy snipping !

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