Most businesses understand that it’s beneficial to showcase reviews from their customers, but few know the plethora of benefits beyond showing off great testimonials. Reviews can certainly attract attention, and it’s unlikely that many who would turn down a 5* rating on Google given half the chance of getting their hands on one, however, it’s not just about showing off how great you are to attract new customers.

Here are some benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to come from customer reviews, but often do:

  1. The bad is actually good (in the long run)
Ouch! That stung, right? That negative review that raked you over the coals might have made for surprising and perhaps uncomfortable reading; but, if you respond and make changes to solve issues, it will help you help you improve your business. What’s more, if you can deal effectively with a disgruntled customer, it's very likely they will change their mind and come back for more!
  1. Your current customers will feel more valued
By asking their opinion, thanking them for it (whether good or bad) and acting on it, where appropriate, your customers will feel like they are valued. The fact that their opinions are so important to you will help them feel invested, and make them more likely to be loyal to your business.
  1. Traffic will be pushed to your site
The increased number of people visiting your website will affect more than just your bottom line; thanks to reviews, this traffic boost can also help you to get noticed in the eyes of Google and get pushed up those slippery search engine result pages (SERPs), in turn meaning that even more people will find you.
  1. You can chop your advertising spend
Advertising is usually a super expensive process and seen as a necessary evil; particularly in the competitive online arena. Thanks to your ever-climbing SERPs position, you’ll be able to cut back on ad spend and rely instead on the steady streams of organic traffic to smash your targets.

Case Study

GoPak is a folding table specialist that discovered some fantastic online benefits when it began to feature positive customer reviews online.

The strategy was to gather hundreds of positive reviews for the brand, in order to display the review percentage at the top of their website, and use rich snippets to display a star rating and numerical score in Google search results.

The result of these snippets in Google searches led to a 245% year on year increase in the organic traffic. Google has also recognised the credibility of the site and positive user experience; resulting in a jump in keyword rankings that enabled GoPak to achieve the number one spot for 'contour folding tables'.

Subsequently, Google awarded GoPak with a better Quality Score, based on the customer feedback, and the company’s ads appeared higher. As a result, they reduced its cost-per-click by 12%, year on year and the click-through-rate also improved by 28.72% when the ads contained a star rating, compared to those that didn’t.

In terms of engagement, once visitors were actually on-site, they also witnessed an 8.09% year on year decrease in bounce rate. The eCommerce conversion rate also improved by 6.77%.

By Andrew Mabbutt, CEO, Feefo