By Max Clarke

Milton Keynes based, The Courier Company (UK) Ltd, is the first courier company in the UK to achieve PAS 2060 certification, meaning they have achieved 100% carbon neutral status throughout their entire operation.

To achieve this standard, The Courier Company has offset all emissions from the carriage of goods worldwide, in addition to the operations and administration systems generated by their offices. All existing and new client services are also entirely carbon neutral.

The biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions are often the items that cost companies money: fuel, electricity, raw materials, business travel and waste disposal. By reducing their carbon footprint, The Courier Company is confident they can deliver savings that support both their environmental and financial goals. For example, for one tonne of CO2 reduced, savings of more than £500 can be made in petrol costs.

Fred Crook, MD, commented “As a courier specialising in the shipment of dangerous goods, we have always been aware of environmental issues. Reducing our environmental impact has been a key priority within the organisation and we are therefore very proud to be the first PAS 2060 certified carbon neutral courier company in the UK”

“Since 2005, we have offset all our energy consumption, fuel consumption, company travel and most importantly, all our international air cargo emissions, thus achieving carbon neutrality through offsetting. In 2009, we elected to continue to be carbon neutral, not through 100% offsetting, but by mapping out the company’s carbon footprint and physically improving working practices to reduce the company’s direct emissions. Working with Carbon Clear Ltd, our footprint report has been produced: By knowing the causes of our carbon emissions, we have changed our way of working to reduce our direct emissions, whilst continuing to offset the emissions we have no direct control over — particularly the international air transportation of consignments.

As part of our plan to improve our carbon neutrality even further, we have introduced an aggressive policy of recycling, we have installed solar electricity panels at our head office, intelligent lighting in all our offices and have embarked on a courier training programme to improve efficiency in route planning and driving”