By Simon Yates, Yates & Co Financial Advisors

Becoming a successful business owner is part art – part science. When you work with the owners and finances of enough businesses the trends are there to see. So, what are the common strands of truth entwined within great businesses?

Positive or negative energy
There’s plenty of negative news around. You can’t miss it. However, you’ll also see positive news if you choose to look for it. Focusing on the positive creates positive energy. Successful people in business understand this. They have positive energy, usually detectable as charisma.

Consciously or subconsciously, successful business owners know the right attitude attracts the right people and circumstances. Throw in a healthy dollop of committed drive and focused action and the magic starts to happen.

In short, be careful what you think about. It just might happen.

Love or fear
The most successful business owners are passionate about what they do. This creates inner drive, burning enthusiasm and incredible motivation. They put their energy, hearts and souls into making a difference in their marketplace. Whilst one of the points of running a business is to create wealth, successful business owners realise it’s not all about the money.

Running a business – focusing on what you love doing – has more power and creates better results than just turning up because of the fear of having no money at the end of the month. In the fascinating game of business, doing what we love outperforms doing things from fear every time – and it has more longevity.

Service or money
Extending the previous point, there seems to be a strange paradox about money. The more we want it, the more elusive it sometimes becomes. Focusing solely on the money doesn’t seem to work.

So, if it’s not just about the money, what IS it about?

Great business owners understand that a business exists to serve its clients and customers. They ask questions such as, “What difference are we making in the lives of our customers?” and “What difference are we making in the world?”

Then they go about finding and connecting with those clients and customers, with an offer to serve.

Dictate or encourage
Another successful trait of super-successful business owners is their ability to surround themselves with the right people. They have a motivated team around them who share in that success.

Successful companies don’t just employ the best people. They understand that companies are forums where human relationships operate at their best. They help their people to unlock their potential and encourage them to become the best they can be. They encourage rather than dictate.

In teams, nobody wants to be dictated to. Nobody wants to be ‘managed.’ According to the business book Be Your Own Guru , “successful companies employ successful individuals.”

We all have internal motivation – if we can find it. The key to unlocking hidden potential within teams and companies is to unlock the potential within individuals. Unlock that potential and companies blossom.

Life and money
Life isn’t about money, it’s about living. Money merely helps to smooth the journey. The game of life isn’t about filling your financial bucket so that you die rich. True wealth comes from living richly.

The freedom created by running a great business comes from knowing what is available in your financial bucket and knowing what you can spend on living an amazing life. Then you can live joyfully, free from the fear of running out of money.

Simon Yates is a Lifestyle Financial Planner and Founder Member of the Enlightened Business Foundation. His passion is helping business owners to make the most of their hard work by helping them achieve financial freedom.

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