By Ben Weiner, CEO, Conjungo

When the first tablet style computer was launched, I guess it’s safe to state that it was the Apple iPad or so I believe, I wasn’t sure as to the purpose or need for such a device. In the first instance, I guess I wasn’t necessarily the right demographic that Apple was targeting as I didn’t see the point of a screen without keyboard. Yes, of course I have a smart-phone which I use to send and receive emails and occasionally browse the web, but I felt that such a system would not catch on at least not with me.

Clearly I was wrong – very wrong! It looks as if this is an ever burgeoning market and demand is increasing. The key question has to be why?

Firstly, Apple has always been great at creating new markets. Secondly, of course from an aesthetic perspective, tablets look great. Now that there are more and more apps being developed not only for the consumer market but for businesses, tablet computers are proving to be invaluable in many instances especially where true mobility or portability is required. Of course, the question is whether the consumer creates demand or whether the developers do, simply because when an app that is pertinent to an organisation is developed, this in itself will create demand.

Tablet computers where never meant to replace notebook or netbook PC’s but have created their own niche – but a huge niche at that. Now there is a plethora of devices offering different screen sizes and abilities. Having travelled a fair bit I have started to see the benefit, not just because they look ‘swish’ but because they are convenient. To be able to see emails easily and respond quickly without having to wait for a laptop to boot up is a real benefit especially if having to normally squint at a mobile phone screen and try and manipulate the tiny keyboard to generate a mail. To be able to watch films, listen to music, download books and use the tablet for business is a positive boon. The fact that the battery tends to last 10 hours or so is compelling in itself.

I now see the point. They’re not meant to be a replacement but an alternative or even an addition to people’s tech use.

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