By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking

UK sees another 761 hospital deaths, as curve appears to flatten, and UK Health Secretary talks about the right to say goodbye.

In an emotional press briefing today, the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock talked about the right for people to say goodbye to loved ones.

He said that the need to “be with someone at the end of their lives is one of the deepest instincts.” He added that the UK government is introducing new measures to limit the risk of infection when a loved one says goodbye.

From that sad note, Angela McLean, Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor, said that the curve tracking new UK Covid-19 cases is flattening.

The UK saw 761 reported deaths from the virus in the last 24 hours.

Although the UK daily death rate has been higher on several occasions in the last week or so — with the current peak at 933 deaths on April 10th, it is still too soon to ascertain a trend. The Easter period is likely to have distorted the figures and it won’t be until later in the week that we get a clearer view of the trajectory.

Yesterday, the US sadly saw 2,407 deaths, the highest daily total of Covid-19 deaths recorded anywhere in the world to date.

The US has now seen 618,000 recorded cases of the virus, more than three times greater than the number of cases in Spain, the country with the second highest number of recorded infections in the world.

The US has also seen more deaths than any other country in the world.