Email can be a vital part to any business. However, with an open rate as low as 11%, wouldn’t you rather a more effective channel for marketing?

Often thought of as old fashioned, especially for modern businesses, direct mail has a much higher open rate of 91%, according to research by Asendia UK. And thanks to the high quality of the latest desk top printers and modern printing technology, letters and newsletters can be produced easily from your desk in your own home.

Direct mail guru, John Fraser-Robinson said: “Letters are undoubtedly, undisputedly and consistently the single strongest weapon in the creative armoury”, just one of the reasons letters can actually be a more effective way to sell an idea and really get your business noticed.

Sending printed letters to people’s doors, as opposed to emails, not only means you can design a more creative way of communicating. You can also include more information and provide a service that consumers or clients can really appreciate, with printed letters of high quality that are beautifully enticing, not to mention the use of colour and images.

It’s more than likely that your inbox is flooded with emails daily, but how many of them go unread or deleted? The increasing number of spam or junk makes it far more difficult to filter what you want to read and what you simply don’t have time for, causing the amount of emails you receive to probably be more than the amount of emails you actually read.

Although the growth of the internet means we can access our emails anywhere on the go, with a far better open rate and the reduced chance of getting lost in a black hole, it’s no surprise that the more traditional method of marketing is also alive and kicking.

The large majority (86%) of those who receive direct mail feel more connected to the business, according to research by Royal Mail, which also found 92% of those who receive direct mail are driven to online or digital activity, whilst 87% are influenced to make online purchases.

If planned and applied correctly to coincide with other the other channels your business uses, direct mail can be particularly effective to build on consumer relationships and even company reputation. Say hello to the return of the letter.