By Claire West

The Research Club, organisers of the popular informal networking event for the market research industry, today announced the renewal of their exclusive global partnership with Research Now, the leading global online sampling and data collection company.

As the official Global Partner for 2012, Research Now will play a supportive role in announcing and assisting with on-the-ground organisation at a majority of this year’s events. Additionally, the company will continue to power The Research Club’s feedback survey for attendees at selected events in an effort to generate insight on what is working well, and what improvements can be made in order to ensure enjoyable events for the market research industry in the future.

“The Research Club is borne out of a desire for researchers to connect with fellow peers engaged in the market research industry, in an informal and relaxed environment,” said Bob Qureshi, Partner of The Research Club. “Research Now recognised and valued this concept, and at the start of 2011, commenced a journey with The Research Club as our exclusive Global Partner. The path has been exhilarating and, with the support of Research Now, we’ve achieved a global event program.”

With office locations and a growing number of staff in 24 cities across the globe, the partnership with Research Now will enable The Research Club to further expand globally, hosting additional events across the Americas, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific; and thus allow research professionals across the industry to enjoy valuable networking opportunities with clients, peers and prospects.

“We are thrilled that Research Now will continue the journey with us as our Global Partner for 2012, and look forward to working with a team that has made great strides to help expand The Research Club and offer our unique networking events on a global platform,” continued Qureshi.

“We are consistently pleased with the quality and prestige of the events hosted by The Research Club, and are excited to work closely with their team for a second year as Global Partner for 2012,” said Kurt Knapton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Research Now. “The Research Club events allow all parties involved to give back to the industry by serving as a platform for the market research community to gather, network and socialize over industry-wide issues, while having a good time doing so. Thus, we look forward to providing our continued support to The Research Club as they further expand their networking events to accommodate attendees all over the world.”

With the help of Research Now and their global partnership, The Research Club hosted a total of 38 events worldwide in 2011, attracting over 6000 attendees across the industry; and while their average attendance in Europe is roughly 200 people per event, The Research Club welcomed over 400 research professionals to their ReVive event at the ESOMAR Congress in Amsterdam this past September.

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