By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and owner of Energy PR

No matter how frivolous celebrities appear, there are often lessons we can draw from them.

Recently, an important lesson could be learned from TV astrologer, Russell Grant, who for many weeks, against all odds, and against far superior dancing competition, managed to stay in the BBC hit show Strictly Come Dancing.

His secret of success was that he had plenty of personality and communicated it brilliantly with the viewers at home. People like understanding what a brand is about, its personality and what it stands for. In the case of Grant his personality is ‘exuberant, enthusiastic, camp, likeable, utterly over the top.’ Dance after dance, week after week, he got these qualities across to the audience at home. He communicated that he loved the ‘Strictly’ experience and was grateful for every sequin spangled moment.

Let’s be honest, his dancing was a mess. But we were so distracted by the trappings that communicated his personality – the bliss on his face, the ruffles, feathers, the cannon launching him, the costume changes, the fun he had with the lovely Flavia - that we didn’t notice his footwork.

So what does all this mean for businesses?

Like Russell, when it comes to business we can’t all be the absolute best. Our competitors may be able to afford better people, manufacture at a cheaper price, they may have an international network we can’t match, or have a proprietary technology that’s superior to ours. However ANY business can have a strong, clear, likeable personality and communicate it consistently and wholeheartedly to its customers and prospects. That personality should shine through the events a business hosts, its branding, signage, staff, its news, its approach to customer service, the charities it supports, the corporate literature it deploys, its website, social media and so forth.

You may not be the best in your market... (It goes without saying only one of us can be!) but you can be the best YOU it’s possible to be. So work out what you stand for. Get really clear on this point. Write it down. Make sure your staff get it. If you communicate your personality and ethos wholeheartedly, you may be surprised at just how far that personality will take you.

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