By Francesca James

In December 12, serial entrepreneur Lyndon Wood set up a new social business networking platform; SunZu - The Art of Business. SunZu officially goes live today after a one month BETA test (live 4th March to all startups, established and entrepreneurs)

Lyndon has described SunZu as ‘the missing link in social business networking’ and the place where social and business will truly merge online for the first time.

Lyndon Wood says “The honeymoon is over with social and businesses and it is time that business owners leveraged social for business properly, SunZu is here to provide the functions and features to achieve just that”

The networks name is inspired by the art of war; an ancient Chinese military treatise accredited to Sun Tzu, a military general serving under King Helü of Wu.

Comparisons between war and business are made frequently, particularly in business circles. Planning, arbitration, outflanking, triumph and renewal are traits that can be associated with both military leadership and entrepreneurship.

One of Lyndon’s primary motivations for setting up SunZu was to merge the worlds of social and business as well as provide the capability to business owners to leverage social properly and promote themselves, an achievement that he doesn’t feel that the existing social networks have quite yet achieved.

Lyndon says that in a personal capacity, he is ‘naturally inclined to assist businesses’ and has ‘an affinity with those looking to succeed’. His passion for those self-made entrepreneurs who face daily battles and challenges is what he says is driving his motivation to deliver an outstanding global social business networking platform for enterprises of all kinds at every stage of growth.

So, what makes SunZu different?

Lyndon Wood says "Trade, Share knowledge and cash together so the economy in the local eco system thrives. This is our vision and mission and value proposition"

SunZu is a place for next generation networking. It bridges the gap between fun social networks like Facebook and purely professional hubs like LinkedIn.

SunZu also offers unparalleled opportunities for members to build their brands online. The network has been cleverly designed to help position deserving entrepreneurs as experts within their field by encouraging the creation of quality user generated content.

Bring Your Connections to life

While SunZu is an online network, the concept stretches much wider than online spaces can reach. SunZu actively encourages offline interaction, urging its members to ‘bring their connections to life’.

While it is undeniable that online networking has delivered fantastic results for many businesses it has also left millions baffled on how to use social, there are many instances where offline interaction is vital to the success of business relationships and deals. It is for this reason that Lyndon says that SunZu will focus strongly on both large and small face to face gatherings; providing added impetus to the online SunZu community.

Although the official launch date has only just landed, SunZu already has an active membership of likeminded business owners and entrepreneurs. In the 4 weeks in the run up to today’s launch, the site has already received 170,000 visits and is already home to 138,000 articles and blogs with over 800,000 comments.

In a nutshell, SunZu is about sharing, learning, trading, meeting and collaboration and the network, very much like its founder, demonstrates an unmatched passion to assist and inspire business owners to grow themselves and their businesses.

Contact Information[/i]

You can contact Lyndon Wood the Founder and CEO of on his email or his mobile 0780 1234592 for any comments and additional information or appointments should you prefer.

Lyndon is also available for Radio and TV appearances.


Lyndon setup his insurance business, Moorhouse Group from his bedroom at the age of 19 back in August 1990 (now age 42;) now a Top 100 UK insurance broker with a turnover of over £9m and premiumsin excess of £35m. was established some 7 years ago which is a commercial insurance comparison site and is in the top 5 of the UK. Both grown organically and self sufficient.

Lyndon has invested in various startups and medium sizes business from recruitment to private doctors and has a breadth of expertise ground up.

He is also the author of the 5 star rates Diary of a Fortune Hunter as well as being a member of the Angel Society for creative startups and a business mentor at
You can follow Lyndon on twitter @lyndonx where he actively shares his knowledge and great articles he finds to assist business owners.

Lives just outside of Cardiff with his wife Shirley Ann and his 4 children aged 9 to 20.