By Claire West

-Maxymiser delivers increased sales and an improved online shopping experience by implementing continual testing across The Hut Group’s website-

10th November 2010: Online shopping giant The Hut Group (www.thehutgroup.com) has seen its sales conversion rates increase by 63% by partnering with online conversion management experts Maxymiser and implementing multivariate testing (MVT) across the registration and transaction pages of its website. By measuring live visitor responses, The Hut Group can ensure that it provides its customers with the best possible content and webpage layout to maximise its conversion rates and increase sales.

With The Hut Group’s peak trading period fast approaching, the company recognised the need to ensure that any changes made to the website had a positive impact on its conversion rates. Ross Boardman, Creative Director for The Hut Group explains, “We decided to partner with Maxymiser as we wanted to start proving we were making the right decisions about content layout on our website. By understanding what our customers find most appealing, we can deliver a better online experience and encourage more visitors to make a purchase.”

Boardman continues, “We were also interested in identifying what impact adding and removing certain features from the site would have on our customers behaviour; in particular discovering what the result would be if we removed obvious call to action features such as the ‘Add to Basket’ button on certain pages. The results showed us that presenting such a committal call to action early in the buying process had a negative impact on visitor actions, and that a click through to a product page containing the ‘Add to basket’ button was far more successful. We could not have anticipated this effect without Maxymiser’s intuitive and automated testing process in place.”

Boardman adds, “The results of our tests are having a substantial impact on our revenue numbers and are helping to provide us with a firm foundation for our continued strong growth into 2011.”

Prior to selecting Maxymiser, The Hut Group considered several other providers such as Optimost and Google Optimizer. Boardman says, “During our investigations into MVT providers, we looked at a range of companies and what they had to offer. However, we chose Maxymiser because of their market leading technology, rapid implementation methodology, proven track record in the ecommerce sector and the technical skills and experience of Maxymiser’s consultants.

Boardman continues, “By introducing conversion management into our daily business routine, it has sped up our decision making process. Being able to make decisions based on scientific evidence, means that we can confidently make changes to the website, without risking a drop in revenue or number of visitors to the site. The testing has been so successful that we are currently looking to introduce a full-time member of staff who will oversee the continual running of our MVT programme.”

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager at Maxymiser concludes, “The 63% increase in conversion rates that The Hut Group has experienced by implementing multivariate testing is a great example of what can be achieved when a company understands the importance of incorporating continual testing into its online strategies. By trialling different web page variations in a live environment, The Hut Group is enabling its customers to determine the most effective web content and eliminating the risk of getting web changes wrong, allowing the business to continue to be innovative within the safeguards of a controlled, protected environment.”