By John Rosling, UK CEO of Shirlaws

We work with hundreds of owner-managed businesses helping them to grow and prosper. But some of the most common things we hear are “I wish I had more time” and “I just want my business to work for me, not the other way round”.

In this month’s articles* I will explore the most effective ways to make that happen, and share the techniques and processes we have found to work in hundreds of businesses all over the world.

In previous articles I have talked a lot about the effective CEO shifting into a more strategic, less operational space both to drive revenue growth and build equity valuation, and to give you choices ultimately about how you spend your time.

I believe many CEOs have created a belief that they have to manage everything because no one will do it as well as they do. That’s fine for a sole trader or very small business - and inevitable for an early stage business - but becomes completely impossible if you wish to really grow your business.

The key question is who is going to step into this operational role if you’re stepping out of it and how will the business operate? The theory is great but clearly you need a process to achieve it. This section will explore how we have helped hundreds of business owners achieve just that — and, in most cases, significantly reduce costs through big efficiency gains into the bargain.

*'Understand Your Business Cycle'
'The Fully Functional Business'
'Capacity Planning - The Secret To Controlled Profitable Growth'

Shirlaws is an international business performance and coaching company. We help business owners achieve their business and life objectives. Our programmes have changed the lives of thousands of business owners all over the world by removing barriers to growth and ensuring their business pays them richly in money and time. What Shirlaws brings is a language and system for growing businesses and building internal capability. A language and system that gives our clients three simple things: more time, more money, and less stress. Founded in 1999 Shirlaws has now grown to include operations in North America, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Our coaches take the many complex issues involved in running a business and help make them simple and easier to manage. We work alongside clients to guide their businesses to achieve long-term, profitable and sustainable business growth.

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